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About the company

Our manufacturing process

Sporda Nonwoven is one of Scandinavia’s leading producers of nonwoven products. Our process is similar to a process industry with a continuous flow from raw material to finished product. Parts of our process are described in the slideshow below.

Raw material stock. Bales with wool, cotton, hemp and synthetic fibres.

Rough division of raw material. The compressed raw material from the bales is divided roughly.
Disintegration of raw material. Here the raw material is disintegrated for further transport in a closed piping system to our manufacturing process.

Rolling. The fibres are carded by rotating rollers and form a “carpet.” Several layers of this are placed in the manufacturing process depending on the density and thickness of the material to be manufactured.

Our process line is continuously monitored and is computer-controlled.

The nonwoven product comprises several layers which are either pressed and bonded together through heat treatment, referred to as ‘thermobonding’ or mechanical needle punching, where lots of needles with barb penetrate the material and the fibres are then bonded together.

Further in the process the material is pressed together using heat to obtain the desired density and thickness. Thereafter the material is edged and rolled up.

The rollers are plasticised and stored while awaiting delivery.

It is becoming increasingly common for us to deliver material to customers as sheets as this allows it to be used directly in the customer’s manufacturing process.

Sporda Nonwoven also offers punched and cut-out shaped products through collaboration with subcontractors.

Deliveries to nearby areas take place with own vehicles.

Large and long deliveries take place with experienced forwarding agents in order to guarantee safe deliveries.

Current situation

The company has been owned and managed by local entrepreneurs since 2016. The company’s management team comprises Jonas Rylander, Anna Hallberg and Denan Cisic. The company’s name was changed to Sporda Nonwoven AB in connection with the change in ownership. We aim to further develop and modernise the company in order to continue to retain our strong market position in Scandinavia, where there are many well-reputed brands among the customers within all product segments. 


Our development work takes place in close collaboration with our customers and testing institutes in both Sweden and Europe in order to fulfil applicable legislation, product requirements and customer specifications.


1939 Claes Andersson purchases a second-hand carder for manufacturing of wadding and starts the company Sporda Vadd HB.

1969 Start of production of synthetic wadding (polyester fibres).

1985 Claes son Våge Claesson buys out the company. And start of production in Lidhult.

1992 Libeltex Bvba buys Sporda Vadd AB.

1993 On 7 September a large fire starts and major areas of the factory burn down.

1994 After the holiday the factory is finally ready after almost one year of standstill. There are investments in sprinklers to prevent repeat of such incidents.

1995 Operations in Lidhult are discontinued and all production is moved to Sporda. 1998 Change of the company’s name to Libeltex AB.

2005 First deliveries of sound absorbers in polyester.

2008 Start of production of filter media G2-M6

2010 Investment in needle chair on line 2.

2014 New grinder for recycling fibre.

2015 New cross-lapper on line 2 and change of name to TWE Bredaryd AB.

2016 The company returns to locally managed companies when the management team buys out the company. Change of name to Sporda Nonwoven AB.

Quality certification ISO 9001

Our quality management system fulfils the requirements in accordance with SS-EN ISO 9001 for development, manufacturing and sale of nonwoven material.

Certificate ISO 9001

OEKO-TEX certification

Our OEKO-TEX certification covers products of polyester (PET), wool (WO), polylactide (PLA), cotton (CV) and mixtures of these materials. Certificate OEKO-TEX

General delivery conditions

You can find our current general delivery conditions on the link below.

General delivery conditions nonwoven

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