Quality, environment and development

Sustainability as a high-quality raw material makes us a leading producer

Quality and Environment

Having an environmental mindset in everything we do is a matter of course to us as we develop, produce and market our products.

It is equally obvious that we want our products and services to create the conditions for a sustainable society.
We want to drive the development in the quality and environmental area forward to optimize resource use and thus reduce our environmental impact.

One part of this is that we try to use as much waste material as possible, not only internally but also waste from our customers. Therefore, we can today offer several products with a high proportion of recycled with good properties.

We at Sporda believe that active quality and environmental work will increase customer satisfaction.


Creating customer-unique products is a standard procedure for us. We are happy to be involved early in the development phase and contribute our know-how and choice of materials to best optimize the product in terms of costs, quality and environmental considerations.

We are a technology-oriented company that, in addition to product development, also develops our production to get the most rational process possible.

The foundation of our business is recycled materials where sustainability and material development play a central part.