Needle felt

The fibre is mechanically bonded with needles

Sustainable and formable

This fabric is a very malleable material, which is why it is also suitable for moulded details in almost all possible and impossible forms. The needle felt can of course be laminated with other materials and, for example, creates multifunctional interior components.

Needle felt is a material that can be used in many areas where automotive, acoustics and furniture are some examples of common application areas.


If we refer to our product areas as being customised, then the products in Industrial are often truly customised. Nonwoven products which are developed completely based on specific requirements and properties. Trust us, we are experts in this!


One of the sectors in which we deliver customised products is automotive. For example, needle-felt is used in the fixtures there. However other applications are also common, such as padding in different fixtures in maintenance vehicles and lorries.

Which products properties do you need?

When it comes to needle felt, almost our entire product range is customer order controlled. The development work is done in close connection with the customer to obtain a material with the right properties. The filter is made of PET and / or PLA fibers, but hemp and wool are also used.

Certificate ISO 9001

Our production is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 – a guarantee of our high quality.