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Sporda’s needle-felt products are known as SpordafeltTM. Punch needling is a mechanical process through which raw materials are bound together through needlework. This results in additional control of mechanical performance, which renders a product particularly suitable for further processing or applications subject to somewhat higher levels of wear and tear.


Traditionally, the moulding industry works with plastic and wood. FormfeltTM offers the industry the possibility of moulding textiles into self-supporting components.

Sporda’s FormfeltTM is made of recycled PET and combines sustainable materials to provide them with thermoplastic properties. Textile compression moulding is a growing industry that gives form to items such as interior fittings and acoustic products. The possibility of providing buoyancy to textile surfaces facilitates designs and allows for savings in weight, in comparison with some plastics. Sporda’s FormfeltTM is easy and safe to mould – and fully recyclable after its use.

FormfeltTM properties

  • Recycled
  • Mouldable
  • Comes in several colours


Would you like to know more about Formfelt? Download technical datasheet.

Facts about LinerfeltTM

  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Comes in several colours


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Natural materials usually offer a level of performance that can be missing from synthetics. EchofeltTM leverages the best performance of our natural fibres and, when manufactured by needle felt, results in a comparably durable natural product.

EchofeltTM hjälper dig att hålla värmen och ge dig en känsla av naturlig komfort som syntetmaterial sällan kan tävla med. Filt som isolerar, andas eller absorberar med hjälp av naturens egna egenskaper – så att du kan göra ett hållbart val till dina konfektionerade produkter.

Properties of EchofeltTM

  • Natural
  • Durable
  • Functional


Would you like to know more about Echofelt? Download technical datasheet.


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