Sporda Nonwoven, Winner of the 2023 Climate Prize!

We are immensely proud to be named the winner of the 2023 Climate Prize in Jönköping County.

Sporda Nonwoven, Winner of the 2023 Climate Prize!

Each year, the Climate Council in Jönköping County selects a Climate Prize winner. Anyone can nominate organizations, individuals, and initiatives in the county contributing to the criteria.

Jonas Rylander, with a bouquet alongside Governor Helena Jonsson.

To win, the awardee must significantly contribute to the Climate Council’s vision of a ‘Climate-smart plus energy county’ or otherwise support the county’s climate efforts. Winners are chosen by the Climate Council and awarded by Governor Helena Jonsson.

The motivation reads:

“Sporda Nonwoven, with its uniquely Swedish investment, has demonstrated determination and courage in reducing its company and industry’s climate and environmental impact. Besides substantial reductions in emissions and increased resource efficiency, their work has gained attention locally, regionally, and nationally. The investment ripples through and reduces climate impact across customers and other industries. This initiative is crucial for Jönköping County to become a Climate-smart plus energy county by 2045.”

Jonas Rylander, one of Sporda Nonwoven’s co-owners, how does it feel?

“It’s incredibly honoring that more than ourselves believe in our endeavors. When we received the state investment support ‘Klimatklivet’ in 2021, a completely new chapter opened in Sporda Nonwoven’s history. Winning the Climate Prize is confirmation that we are on the right path.”

Video shown with permission from Swedbank. (The video is in Swedish)