Sporda Nonwoven’s new facility in Värnamo is starting to appear

The new exciting airlay technology requires space. Space that doesn’t exist in Sporda’s current premises and therefore a new factory is being constructed.

Sporda Nonwoven’s new facility in Värnamo is starting to appear

You find Sporda Nonwoven’s new premises strategic placed along the E4 and highway 27. A production site, warehouse and associated offices and staff rooms are being constructed as we speak. All with design by BSV Architects & Engineers.

Jonas Rylander, CEO of Sporda Nonwoven, are you abandoning your current premises in Sporda?
“No not at all. We will have production in two locations. The new airlay line is centered at Värnamo and the Bredasten industrial area. In Sporda, we continue to produce the material included in our offer today.

What size will the production area in Värnamo have?
“The area in total is of 4,800 square meters. In case of future expansion plans, we have access to a plot of land of approximately 15,000 square meters.”

What more can you tell about the construction?
“The entire property has a high sustainability profile, hand in hand with our environmental focus. For example, energy consumption will be only 80 percent of the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning’s Building Regulations (BBR). The property is also equipped with solar cell facility and charging stations. This increased production capacity has been granted with the help of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s project ‘Klimatklivet’ (read more about Sporda Nonwoven, Klimatklivet and Airlay technology).


What’s happening at the moment at the construction site?
"Groundwork began in February 2022 and now we are at phase 1. Phase 1 involves the construction of a machine room. Phase 2 involves the construction of a warehouse building and phase 3 is the office part."

Could you please specify the construction work a bit further?

Phase 1
Week 24 – Raising building frames
Week 25 – Roofing and installation of wall panels
Week 27 – Floor casting

Phase 1 is expected to be completed in October 2022 when the new production line arrives.

Phase 2
Week 25 – Plinth beam casting with the goal of construction framing weeks 27–28.

Do you want to know more?
Contact Jonas Rylander,
0371-52 33 51