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Sporda’s thermo-bonded products are sold under the name of Spordavadd™. Thermo-bonding entails the binding together of fibres through controlled heat. The product becomes a wadding material of a fixed density and thickness with, for example, excellent rebounding properties or with a well-balanced porous structure that is perfect for acoustic applications.


Sporda Nonwoven has been manufacturing nonwoven products since 1939. Thermo-bonded wadding is a part of our heritage and Fibrespring is a reliable and sustainable alternative to other types of fillers.

High-density thermo-bonded wadding gives life to products that require excellent buoyancy and rebounding properties.TM FibrespringTM is an excellent alternative for the creation of seats, mattresses and similar comfort products. You are most welcome to contact us with your queries about our new FibrespringTM Soft.TM Soft.

FibrespringTM Sound was specially developed as an acoustic-dampening material. If you wish to reduce noise levels, FibrespringTM Sound is an excellent absorbing core for office fittings and products for public environments.

FibrespringTM propertiesTM

  • High density
  • Buoyant and rebounding
  • Sound-absorbent filler

FibrespringTM propertiesTM Sound

  • Sound-absorbent
  • Office fittings

Curaloft TMTM

CuraloftTM meets your requirements on enhanced comfort. If you’re looking for a thermo-bonded material that is particularly comfortable, please consider CuraloftTM.

Synthetics may be endowed with special properties. They could be antimicrobacterial, come with inherent anti-mite functions, or have antistatic or elastic properties. Our special-performance materials go the extra mile to give you confidence in your textile product, so you can experience maximal comfort with Sporda’s thermo-bonded products.

CuraloftTM propertiesTM

  • Comfort
  • Special performance for health
  • Technical lining


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