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Welcome to a world of sustainable, flexible and reliable products! Sporda Nonwoven develops, manufactures and sells nonwoven fabrics. You might not always see our products, but you are certainly experiencing them!

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Sporda Nonwoven - PET fiber Fibre does not
have to be white

Since colour is of no consequence to the unique properties of fibre, coloured nonwoven fibre can be used freely. We offer a palette of khaki, coral, forest green and much more.

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In most cases, the properties of our textile products matter far more than their appearance. If you are looking for a committed supplier of nonwoven material, you’ve found us!

Product range


Product range


More than meets the eye

Sporda products fulfil the experiences we strive for. Our products are often unseen heroes.

Nonwoven – a versatile material

The fields of application for nonwoven products are endless.
Our products are created to enhance your experiences.


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