Welcome 2023! Sporda Nonwoven is making history.

We have changed calendar years and now sign with 2023. A year that means a lot of excitement for Sporda Nonwoven.

Welcome 2023! Sporda Nonwoven is making history.

The year 2023 will be an exciting year for us at Sporda Nonwoven. It’s the year we inaugurate our new factory and the revolutionary airlay technology..

But before that, we want to take this opportunity to thank all our customers and suppliers. Without you, nothing would be possible.
We chose a heart-shaped ball made of recycled PET fiber as the introductory image for this article. What do you know about synthetic fiber?

PET fiber accounts for 80 percent of Sporda’s synthetic fiber production
Sweden’s goal is to recycle 90 percent of all aluminum cans and PET bottles. With help from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, it’s the Swedish government that determines the recycling targets. Statistics from Pantamera show the following recycling results for 2021:

  • Cans, 89 %
  • PET, 86,4 %
    • Clear PET material, 21 963 tonnes
    • Coloured PET material, 1 801 tonnes
  • Per person: 232 pieces
  • Recycling, total number of packages: 2,42 billion


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What does the deposit system contribute to?

Sweden's deposit system of PET bottles and aluminum cans contributes to reduced carbon dioxide emissions. On average, each can and PET bottle collected provides a carbon dioxide saving of 80 grams, according to statistics from Pantamera. If you add up all collected packaging, we’re talking about a reduced carbon dioxide emission of 150,000 tonnes shown by a life cycle analysis carried out by Pantamera in 2018.

This is why you should choose Sporda’s synthetic PET fiber

In addition to the fact that the synthetic fiber is made from recycled PET bottles, and thus an energy-efficient product, it’s perfectly possible to recycle products made from Sporda’s PET fiber. The fiber doesn’t cause allergies and is both environmentally and user friendly.

Sporda's synthetic fiber is marked with OEKO-TEX® 100 , which is a guarantee that the textile in the finished product is free from unhealthy chemicals. Good to know is that the Swedish Nature Conservation Society classifies PET as a safe plastic.

Sporda’s product group Formfeltis made from recycled PET. Formfelt™ is easy and safe to mould and is perfectly suited to designed products. Appreciated properties of Formfelt™ are, for example, that the product is:

  • Sustainable
  • For laminating
  • Developed for acoustics
  • Excellent for molding


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