Beyond the surface

Sporda Nonwovens’ products are often invisible heroes that hide a whole world of experiences beyond the surface. Let’s tell you what it’s all about.

Beyond the surface

At the factory in Sporda, a whopping 80 percent of the products are manufactured from recycled material. From September 2023, our facility in Värnamo will manufacture products made from recycled textile. We are recognized as being good at surface materials, but a large part of our production focuses on what happens invisibly. We call it “Beyond the surface”.

Invisible heroes are born daily at Sporda Nonwoven
The image that opens this article shows a woman wearing a face mask. In addition to the requirements set out within production; the product is loaded with invisible properties. It goes without saying that the material prevents viruses and bacteria from spreading. Another feature is that the nonwoven material is made from recycled PET. The third invisible quality lies in the competence to manufacture the product in a sustainable way.

In the same way, we create sustainable products on a daily basis for the automotive and furniture industry, the bedding industry, the audio industry, and public environments. The products may not always be visible, but they are felt and experienced, not just sometimes but every day.

If necessary, we can provide our PET segment with various invisible properties that make difference to the experience. We can make the nonwoven material antimicrobacterial, add antimite functions, antistatic or elastic properties. Besides, pretty much everything in our range is labelled with Oeko-Tex® 100, which means that the textile in the finished product is free from unhealthy chemicals.

What else does Sporda Nonwoven do?
We at Sporda actively participate in several different research and development projects where Swedish environment is in focus. Here we are involved in shaping the sustainable technologies of the future. Hand in hand within this work, we pay attention to Agenda 2030 and the UN’s global goals. Equality, sustainable energy, sustainable industry and sustainable production are at the center of our agenda. We recycle for example 10 tons of fiber every month.
If you want to know more about Sporda Nonwovens' environmental work, we have collected the most important points on our website..

We summarize all this invisible Sporda work in the motto ‘Beyond the surface’.

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