Nordic textile to fiber becomes a reality

In 2025, producer responsibility will be introduced for textiles. This means there will be requirements that textiles will be collected, reused or recycled into new products.

Sporda manufactures nonwoven from recycled textiles

All member states in the EU must have introduced systems and laws for textile recycling by 2025 at the latest (something we informed about in a previous article). A long-awaited decision, we think. They think so in Finland too.

Sporda has started a collaboration with Rester Oy, which has built the Nordics’ first facility for pre-consumer textiles. The facility is located in Paimio, southwest Finland. At Rester, new life is created for Nordic textile fiber with the help of mechanical recycling. This means recycling of collected and sorted primary waste, which is particularly good news for Sporda Nonwoven.

Jonas Rylander at Sporda Nonwoven explains what this means:

Now there’s a first Nordic alternative to mechanical fiber recycling and it gives us local advantages and more opportunities for circular product development, with all that implies for sales and projects.

Above all it’s certain Fiberspring® products that benefit from this. Fiberspring® is material that is used for various types of insulation and as sound absorbers, among other things. At the moment we are testing the limits of what the fiber can be used for in more respects as well.”

At the end of last year, Sporda Nonwoven AB was granted support through Klimatklivet, which led to investments in Airlay technology and a brand-new factory in Värnamo. The new building is already in place while the machine line is expected to be in normal operation in the second quarter of 2023. Jonas Rylander, comments:

“We are expanding our capacity so we will need several good suppliers and we see this only positively of course. Our new factory in Värnamo will be well suited for material deliveries from Rester, and product evaluation is already underway in joint projects together with them.”

Did you know this about mechanical recycling?

Mechanical recycling into fiber means that an end-of-life textile product or residual products from textile manufacturing is decomposed into fiber. Buttons and zippers are removed, and the textile material is processed further in a special process. There, the fibers are opened and recycled into fractions that can be used for new products again.

Do you have a textile residual flow from your business that you think can be put to other use?

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