Part 3 – It’s getting closer to inauguration

What’s up with Sporda Nonwovens’ construction site in Värnamo? Is everything ready?

Part 3 – It’s getting closer to inauguration

Jonas Rylander, construction manager at Sporda Nonwoven, would you like to update us on the construction site in Värnamo?
I would love to do that. The plan is for the building to be ready in week 14 (Easter week).

Is the new airlay line in place?
Yes, at least partly. The machine is assembled up to the oven and the parts that are missing are cutting and winding. These machines will be shipped from Italy in mid-April and will then be assembled and connected.

How exciting! When is the airlay line up and running?
If everything goes according to plan, we will performance test the machine at the end of April, use the month of May for training and then, in the best case, start production in June.

When will the new facility be inaugurated?
An official opening is supposed to take place in August. We will get back to you with the exact date as it approaches.

Thanks, Jonas!


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Contact Jonas Rylander,
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